One of the hardest things for a family to do after the death of a child is celebrate the holidays. Thanksgiving Day was extremely hard for all of us, but especially hard for Harper’s mommy, daddy, brother and sister.
Pastor Clare told us at Harper’s funeral that there is no way around this grief, we have to go “through” it. We appreciate all of you that have prayed with us, continue to pray for us and support us as we walk this journey together.
We know that this Christmas season will be filled with tears and emotion as our family gathers together to celebrate the holidays. Our hearts are broken that our sweet Harper is not here to celebrate with us. We would like to ask you all for your help to get us “through” this pain.
As you do your Christmas shopping we would like to ask you to buy an extra gift. Please purchase a Teddy bear and take it to a children’s hospital, police or fire station, homeless shelter or safe home. The bear can then be given to a child who needs a “Harper Hug!”
It would be awesome if you would share Harper’s story with them and provide the contact information for our Facebook page Harper’s Hugs@HarperRoddenhuglikeyoumeanit. We want everyone to follow our page as we develop it as a family resource for child safety!
We also ask that you would take a picture(s) of you and/or your family as you deliver the bear. Then please post your pictures and stories on Harper’s Hugs page so that brother Cole, sister Kinsley and everyone following this page can follow where Harper’s Hugs are going.
Thank you for helping us keep Harper’s memory alive and to be able to help other children get ” through” a difficult time by having a bear to hug and hold tight! We can’t wait to see how many bears are called to action! This page has reached over 12,000 people in just over a week. Wouldn’t it be great if a bear could be donated in every state? Think of the possibilities!
It is Christmas that gives us hope for an eternity in heaven by welcoming the baby Jesus into our hearts. We know our sweet baby Harper is with Jesus in Heaven, that is our strength!

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