How to participate in delivering Harper’s Hugs:

  1. Buy a teddy bear(s)
  2. Print and attach to the teddy bear the “‘tag” Bear Tag
  3. Choose a place to take the bear where a child might be needing a “hug!” Some ideas are your local police/fire stations, a children’s ward or hospital, a safe home, a nursing home (elderly need hugs too!), children’s home, someone you know who is ill or injured…no rules here you get to decide.
  4. Deliver your bear, tell Harper’s story as to why you are giving away bears.
  5. Take pictures of your delivery (bear commissioning) and post the pictures and your story of where you delivered the bear, who is in the picture, who was with you, etc. on the Visitors Posts section of the Harper’s Hugs Facebook page.
  6. You will be blessed by your participation, help us keep Harper’s memory alive and raise awareness to child safety…Enjoy!

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