Hug Number One
  • If you use an in home child care facility that allows children in the front yard, near a driveway or near the street during drop-off or pick-up, please ask the provider to change that procedure immediately or advise them you will change your provider.
Hug Number Two
  • If you know parents using an in home childcare provider, please share Harper’s story and ask them to have the conversation above with their provider to ensure the children are safely away from vehicle dangers.
Hug Number Three
  • If you are, or know a parent looking for a child care provider, be sure to ask about the drop-off and pick-up procedures. Do not use a provider that allows children to be near vehicles in the front yard, on a driveway or near the street.
Hug Number Four
  • Ensure that anyone tasked with drop-off or pick-up of your children knows the procedures and practices extra vehicle safety while on and near the provider’s premises.
Hug Number Five
  • Require your childcare provider to develop and publish safety procedures. Both you and the provider should discuss and sign off on the procedures prior to entering into a care agreement.
Hug Number Six
  • Write to your states’ congressmen and women and ask that they review the licensing requirements of in home childcare providers to ensure safe drop-off and pick-up procedures are included.
Hug Number Seven
  • Like and Share Harper’s Hugs Facebook Page so this this message goes viral.

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