The butterfly that Cole is holding was made by another grieving mom that lost her sweet little 7 month old girl Addison in a childcare setting a few months ago in California. She did an amazing job and I love it! Every time I see it I think of our girls dancing in heaven. She also has an Etsy site if you want to check out more of her art!!

This road has lead me through so many different paths I did not expect to travel. This is a club nobody wants to be a part of but so thankful that we hold each other up when its hard to take the next step. Those of us on this path are doing everything in our power to make the changes to protect all parties and to educate. This isn’t a subject that is pleasant to talk about but there are reasons for laws, etc. I had a firefighter tell me that something had to have happened for a law or a code (traffic, etc.) to be created….

Unfortunately as we travel this journey it is apparent this isn’t a small elusive club. The “club” is full of loving parents, grandparents and families. It is way too large and continues to grow every single day. We hope that you will get involved at some level and help us raise awareness, help to get new laws and regulations in place along with effective education for everyone involved in caring for children. Children are dying needlessly and hearts are broken forever.

Thank you Kristin M. Watkins for sharing your God given talents and prayers for peace as you take your next steps!!
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