Please share this message in honor of Harper!

Two weeks from today will mark a year since our family experienced the worst day we’ve ever had to go through. It was on that day that the most unthinkable tragedy happened that took the life of one the sweetest baby girls you could ever meet, our dear, sweet Harper Kay Rodden. Every detail of that day is now engraved in our minds forever.

A year seems like a long time in some respects but when you are grieving as our family has it feels like it was just yesterday. But “yesterday” included our sweet Harper. Because “yesterday” she was at the ballpark watching big brother Cole playing baseball. “Yesterday” she was just waking up with big sis Kinsley for the day with that soft, sweet smile. “Yesterday” she was at the farm playing in the dirt. “Yesterday” she was visiting her great grandma’s in Illinois. “Yesterday” she was in the arms of mommy and daddy giving them one of her now “world renown” hugs.

Grief is hard if you only have “yesterday” memories with no hope for tomorrow. But, as a Christian family we hold tightly to God’s promise that we will be united again in Heaven and that all the “yesterdays” will pale in the face of the everlasting tomorrow’s.

For the past year the love and outpouring of support from all our families, friends and new friends have been the glue that holds us together. It has enabled us to continue to put one foot in front of the other to navigate this life now without Harper.

When we started the “Harper’s Hugs” project we had no idea of how many of you would get involved to share Harper’s legacy and to help us work hard to prevent other families from experiencing a loss such as ours.

Our message is clear, children need to be surrounded by adults who are mindfully present, aware of their environment, watchful, and educated on situations that can turn deadly in the blink of an eye.

As a result of our work with Harper’s Hugs we have been connected to so many families where tragedy struck needlessly. Most of those tragedies were accidents where the parent or the adult left in charge never intended to bring harm. We believe that by raising awareness of these childhood dangers that we can help to inform everyone and save precious little lives.

Harper’s Hugs had a goal of having bears commissioned in every state across the nation. With your help, not only did we reach our goal, but also had bears commissioned in several countries! You all made that happen by what would have been Harper’s second birthday! That is truly an amazing act of kindness and love, not just for our family but for all the lives those bears will touch.

So we have a new challenge for you! If you planned a bear delivery and just couldn’t make it happen now is the time! If you delivered bears already, you know what an awesome feeling that was…so do it again!

Make plans now to help us remember Harper on or before her Angel Day in Heaven on July 27th by commissioning as many bears as possible and shouting out the message to keep our children safe!

We can’t wait to see where God leads you! Be sure to take pictures of your delivery and post them along with your story on the Harper’s Hugs Facebook page and/or Tweet about it.


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